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Author:  Dr.Kunal Sen (Author), Dr.Trilochan Midya (Author), Dr.Dulal Chandra Santra (Author)

No of Pages: 1240


Title: UcchataraJibbidya (উচ্চতর জীববিদ্যা)

Published for students of class 12 under WBCHSE, NEET (All India Medical Entrance).

UcchataraJibbidya (উচ্চতর জীববিদ্যা), class 12 is a Bengali version textbook comprising the class twelve core syllabus of Biological Science based on the syllabi of Class XII, NCERT& All India Medical Entrance Examinations.
The book has been enriched with research-based data on all the units namely Reproduction in Organisms, Genetics and Evolution, Biology and Human Welfare, Biotechnology and its Application, Ecology and Environment. Different topics like Gene Expression & Regulation, Sex Determination, Central Dogma, DNA Transcription, Vasodialation, Phagocytosis, Immunodeficiency Diseases, Drug & Alcohol Abuse, Biotechnology etc. are presented in detail.
Infopedia, Fact Finder, Summary and Important Terminologies are included as extra information for advanced learners. Scientific Illustrations like those on Scaffold and Solenoid structures of chromatin, etc. have been added in each chapter to enable students to understand and remember concepts better.The exercise segment of each chapter has been enriched with MCQs, SAQs, VSAQs, LAQs and Assertion-Reason type questions. NCERT Challengers segment is a specially designed, solved Q-A segment to boost the conceptual and analytical thinking skills of the students aiming higher in life. Previous years’ West Bengal Higher Secondary Examination (2015-2023) and NEET (2013-2023) question papers have been incorporated at the end of the book.
‘Entrance Charger’ – a separate booklet, containing ISC & CBSE Corner, NCERT intext Questions (fully solved), HOTS Question-Answers, NCERT Exemplar (fully solved) is a new addition

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