About Us

It was 2001. The onset of a new Millennium.

A middle-aged academician, who was loved by his students and respected by his peers, started treading a path that was not followed by his contemporaries. Actually he was following a dream. Better to say, he dared to fulfil a dream that he had been seeing since quite some time. It was the dream to impart quality education to the students. 

With a very frugal capital and only one title, the academic started a publishing house.

And in just over two decades, the same publishing house is the fastest growing publisher of textbooks in the Bengali language market, one of the fastest growing publishers in West Bengal and Tripura, and the youngest publishing company to grow at a jet speed in the K12 segment.  

It all reads like a fairy tale when one looks at the impressive 300 plus list of titles the publishing house has to their credit. 

Welcome to Santra Publication. 

Dr Dulal Chandra Santra, the visionary, who established this organisation, with only one book and a very small capital, turned Santra Publication into a limited company in less than a decade in 2010, and the publishing house is proud to bring out books that are now followed by over 15000 schools of West Bengal and Tripura.  

In fact the 400-plus list of books that Santra Publication has is no mean feat. This is the largest number of books produced by any company in this market segment. Santra Publication also brings out books in the English language. Loved and suggested by the teachers, the publishing firm has a promising list of guide books that are appreciated by the students and their parents. The books for engineering and medical exams are much in demand, and so are the titles for different competitive examinations. The University level books are market leaders in their respective categories, and the titles are much sought after in the 10+2 competitive segment as well. 

The young organisation is now ably managed by the competent sons of Dr Dulal Chandra Santra - Shri Biswajit Santra and Shri Subhajit Santra, who are not only following their father's footsteps but being brilliant achievers themselves - both in academics and professional skills - they are keeping no stones unturned to making this publishing house a name to reckon with in the education sector in India. 
With a keen focus on imparting quality education to the people of this country, and a very strong scientific and digital bent of mind, the young Santras are determined to take the publishing house to great heights. They know with strong will and determination even the unachievable can be achieved.

One only needs to dream. 

After all, they know, it all started as a dream. 
And the dream run continues...