UCCHATARA JIBBIDYA - Class 11 (New Edition-2024)

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Author:  Dr.Kunal Sen (Author), Dr.Trilochan Midya (Author), Dr.Dulal Chandra Santra (Author)

No of Pages: 1380

Title: UcchataraJibbidya (উচ্চতর জীববিদ্যা)
Published for students of class 11 under WBCHSE, NEET (All India Medical Entrance).

Ucchatara Jibbidya (উচ্চতর জীববিদ্যা), class 11 is a Bengali version textbook on the class eleven core curriculum of Biological Science based on the syllabi of Class-XI, NCERT & All India Medical Entrance Examinations. The book has maintained a student-friendly approach by presenting the lessons in a simple, lucid yet scientific manner. The book contains 5 units comprising 20 chapters. The units discuss about the Diversity of Living Organisms, Structural Organization in Plants and Animals, Cell Structure and Function, Cell Division, Plant Physiology and Human Physiology. Each Unit is designed to provide support to learners aiming for class 11 boards & All India Medical Entrance Examinations like NEET, conducted throughout India.
Each chapter contains Research-based data supplied by eminent authors, Highlighted boxes to show case extra pieces of information, Summary of lessons to accumulate all the important topics discussed within the chapter etc. Important Terminologies addresses important or difficult terminologies used within the chapter. Scientific Illustrations have been used as well. The Exercise segment of each chapter contains NCERT exercise along with solved NEET questions, all of which have been added for the benefit of the students. Students can upgrade their knowledge on the development of the Corona virus from the Research-based current data (till date) from the Corona Virus Fact Finder section. Previous years’ Biological Science question papers (2015-2023) and NEET question papers (2016-2023) have been incorporated at the end of the book.

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