UCCHATARA GANIT Class 12-(Part 1&2) New Edition

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Author:  Dr. Soovoojeet Jana, Chapal Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Dr.Nilangshu Acharya

No of Pages: 1304

Ucchatara Ganit ,class 12 is a Bengali version textbook on the class twelve Core Curriculum of Mathematics based on the syllabi of Class-XII (WBCHSE), WBJEE and All India Engineering Entrance Examinations. The book has been made student-friendly by presenting the lessons in a simple, lucid yet scientific manner.

The Completely New ‘Ucchatara Ganit ’ – 12 has been prepared in two volumes keeping in mind the ease of students. Each volume is further segregated into several units.The lessons included in the book are:

Part 1: Unit I – Relations & Functions; Unit II – Algebra; Unit III – Differential Calculus and Applications of Derivatives

Part 2: Unit III – Integral Calculus and Application of Integral Calculus, Differential Equations; Unit IV – Vector and Three-Dimensional Geometry; Unit V – Linear Programming; Unit VI – Probability

Each lesson has been stuffed with Analysis of Theory portions with Illustrations as and when needed. All the chapters have been incorporated with NCERT Challenger, CBSE Questions, Council Sample Questions and Council Mock Test Questions. Students can find NCERT Exemplar Problems Corner (with answers), WBCHSE Corner and CBSE Corner inside the book.

Alternative Methods and Shortcut Tips have been provided for Numerical Problems. The Example and Exercise sections in the book have been scientifically categorized into difficult and more difficult ones. Exercise segment has been divided into Level I (Concept Booster MCQ), Level II (For Board Exam) and Level III (For WBJEE & JEE Main Exam) along with answers to cater all types of students. All the lessons have an Entrance Gallery section, Competitive Exam Corner packed with the Fully solved Question Papers of last 7 years. IIT JEE/JEE Advanced/ ISI aspirants can find Questions of Competitive Examinations with Solutions in the book

Unit-wise Mock Test (for JEE) has been attached at the end of the book with Answers, Hints and Solutions. WBHS and WBJEE Question Papers have been added as well.

The content as a whole has been designed to support learners aiming for class 12 boards [WBCHSE] & All India Engineering Entrance Examinations like WBJEE, JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced), etc. conducted throughout India.

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