Ucchamadhyamik Poribesh Siksha -11 (SEM-1)

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Author  Dr. Sumit Giri,  Dr. Dulal Chandra Santra

No of Pages: 208

Title: উচ্চমাধ্যমিক পরিবেশ শিক্ষা (Higher Secondary Environment Studies) – XI (Semester 1)
Published for students of class XI Sem-1 students under WBCHSE
‘উচ্চমাধ্যমিক পরিবেশ শিক্ষা’ (Higher Secondary Environment Studies) – XI (Semester 1) is a text book prepared for the students of Class 11 under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Under the New Curriculum & Syllabus 2024, Class 11 examination will be conducted in two parts – Semester 1 and Semester 2. This book is prepared following the Semester 1 syllabus only.
The book comprises of 2 units namely ‘Man, Environment & Sustainability’ and ‘Environment & Development which are further segregated into different chapters.
The book has been prepared keeping in mind the new curriculum. Detailed discussion on all the topics have been presented in a lucid and student-friendly manner and easy-to-grasp manner.
The Council has introduced different types of MCQs for Semester 1 which have been incorporated in the chapters. The types are
a. Fill in the blanks
b. True and False
c. Diagram Based MCQ
d. Column Matching
e. Assertion-Reasoning
f. Case-Based MCQ
With definitions, explanations, illustrations and diagrams on all relevant topics, this book will be of immense benefit to the students. Sample Papers have been added at the end of the book for the students to understand the Latest Question Pattern. 


ISBN No :978-93-92426-99-5

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