Talent Booster Madhyamik Jibon Bigyan O Poribesh Sahahika Class 10

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Author: Santra Publication Pvt Ltd

No of Pages: 654

  1. Madhyamik Jibanbigyan O Paribesh Sahayika (মাধ্যমিক জীবনবিজ্ঞান ও পরিবেশ সহায়িকা),class 10  is an authentic  Bengali version self-study book  from the Santra Talent Booster series based on the class ten syllabus  of  Life science and Environment as prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE).
  2. Student –friendly salient features of a designed chapter of Madhyamik Jibanbigyan O Paribesh Sahayika (মাধ্যমিক জীবনবিজ্ঞান ও পরিবেশ সহায়িকা), class 10
  3. Chapter Checklist & Complete Study –Chapter Checklist is a list of items discussed within the chapter. Complete Study is a chapter gist provided for all the chapters.
  4. Concept Map & Check Points – Graphical demonstration of the basic concepts dealt within the chapter. Check Points have been designed primarily for students to checklist conceptual understanding and learning via questions.
  5. Knowledge Bin, Infopedia  & Terms to Know –Knowledge Bin contains relevant information in capsule form to enhance knowledge of  the  students . Infopedia showcases extra pieces of  knowledge for advanced learners. Terms to Know explains  difficult and newly introduced terms used in the chapter for the benefit of the students
  6. Scientific Illustrations- Colourful scientific illustrations have been added to enable students understand and remember concepts better.
  7.  Question Pattern, Chitra Anushilan  & HOTS - The basic question pattern (MCQs, VSAQ,SAQ, LAQ) and marks distribution is as per the guidelines of WBBSE. Chitra Anushilan segment helps students practice diagrams for the exams. HOTS–Higher Order Thinking Skills Type and Value Based Questions have been added in the Exercise segment to boost the conceptual and analytical thinking skills of the students aiming higher in life.
  8. Pariksha Prastuti , Madhyamik Prashner Samadhan &  Model Activity Task–These segments have been  provided   to enable students practice and  prepare for the exams.Madhyamik Prashner Samadhan consists of solved previous years’ Madhyamik examinations  have been added. 

Written In An Easy, Lucid And Colloquial Language.

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