Snatak Rasayan (CBCS )-SEM-IV

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Author:Dr. Subhro Mishra, Dr. Gopal Chandra Giri, Dr. Sadhan Kumar Roy, Dr. Jnanojjal Chanda

No of Pages: 232

. স্নাতক রসায়ন [CBCS Chemistry] is a textbook designed for the B.Sc. General Course Sem – IV Chemistry students within the CBCS – UG curriculum under CU, WBSU, KU, BU, KNU, CBPBU, SKBU, BKU, NBU, UGB, VU etc. With 13 chapters this book covers five branches of Chemistry – Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Analytical and Industrial, Environmental.

Authored by Dr. Subhra Mishra, Dr. Gopal Chandra Giri, Dr. Sadhan Kr. Roy and Dr. Jnanojjal Chanda, several concepts across all the branches namely Synthesis of Organic compounds, CFT, Quantum Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Gravimetric Analysis, Volumetric Analysis, Chromatography, Fuel, Soil and Fertilizers, Cement, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Lithosphere are discussed with utmost detail.  C

harts, tables, diagrams, reactions, question-answers etc. are added with exercises and hints. Semester- IV Snatak Rasayan will help the students immensely.

ISBN No :-978-93-86911-95-7

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