Skill Up English Practice -Class XI

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Author: P .Mukherjee

No of Pages : 312

Skill Up English Practice – XI is a practice book designed for class XI students. The book comprises five parts segregated into Prose, Poetry, Rapid Reader, Writing and ESP sections. Skill Up English Practice – XI follows the curriculum prescribed by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBCHSE). Prose, Poetry and Rapid Reader comprises 5 lessons each. Each lesson has been segregated para-wise and treated in detail. Synopsis / Substances of the texts have been provided along with ample exercises (MCQs, SAQs & DAQs). To cater for the ‘Textual Exercises’, each prose and poetry lesson has been enriched with grammar exercises with types of questions (Article-Preposition, Joining, Splitting, Narration, Voice, Transformation) as prescribed by the Council. The ‘Writing’ and ‘ESP’ sections have two worked-out examples along with Questions for Practice. 15 Practice Sets have been provided for the purpose of practice. WBCHSE Question Papers have been incorporated as well.

    Written In An Easy, Lucid And Colloquial Language.

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