Skill Up English Practice-7

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Author: P.Mukherjee

No of Pages:296

Skill Up English Practice – VII is a practice book designed for class VII students. The book comprises four parts segregated into Seen, Unseen, Grammar and Writing sections. Skill Up English Practice – VII follows the curriculum prescribed by the West Bengal Board. The ‘Seen’ section includes the Synopsis/Substances of the lessons and Word Nest along with exercises from all the 13 lessons included in the textbook. The types included are mainly MCQs, Rearrange the sentences in the correct order, Match the following, Complete the sentences, Fill in the chart, Make sentences, Find the meanings, True-False and Answer the following questions. ‘Unseen’ section comprises several passages for purpose of practice. ‘Grammar’ section includes 16 lessons and ‘Writing’ section has 6 lessons, each with ample questions for practice. First, Second and Third Summative Evaluation question papers from Reputed Institutions have been incorporated at the end of the book so as to impart a clear idea regarding the question pattern.

Written In An Easy, Lucid And Colloquial Language.

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