Sahaj Snatok Udvidbidya

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Author: Dr.Makhan Chandra Chowdhury,Dr. Dulal Chandra Santra

No of Pages: 348

Sahaj Snatok Udvidbidya (সহজ স্নাতক উদ্ভিদবিদ্যা) is a self-study reference book designed for the students appearing for the B.Sc General Course Semester - I examination. The book follows the UGC-prescribed CBCS syllabus of CU, WBSU, KU, VU, BU, BKU, CBPBU, SKBU, NBU, KNU, UGB. Segregated into 9 chapters, this reference book will help students to delve deeper into the concepts of Biodiversity, Phytopathology and Plant Anatomy in a question-answer format. MCQs, VSAQs, SAQs & DAQs, along-with answers, have been provided to help students prepare themselves for the examination. University questions have been provided at the end of the book to give students a clear idea of the question pattern.

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