Polymer Chemistry-SEM-VI

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Author: Dr.Ashesh Garai

No of Pages:176

Polymer Chemistry by Dr. Ashesh Garai is a textbook designed to present a detailed outlook of Polymer Chemistry to all, starting from beginners to researchers. This book is developed keeping in mind the UGC prescribed CBCS UG Chemistry (Hons.) DSE Course and PG syllabi of All Indian Universities. In a compact manner, the author has tried to discuss the concepts, theories, schemes, images, functionality, the kinetics of polymerization, crystallization and crystallinity, molecular weight, structure and properties of polymers.

The book comprises 9 chapters ranging from its history to preparation, properties to application. The book has been enriched using tables, graphs, reactions, important questions and answers, exercises and topics for dissertation on polymer. For all students and researchers who want to move ahead in the polymer field, this book will be of immense help.

ISBN No:-978-81-948683-4-7

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