Fundamental Quantum Mechanics And Application-SEM IV & V

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Author: Dr.Rajesh Mukherjee

No of Pages:320

Fundamental Quantum Mechanics and Applications is a complete textbook prepared for the UG-CBCS B.Sc Physics HonoursSem IV / V students. The book will be effective for students of CU, Presidency University, JU, St. Xavier’s University, WBSU, KU, BU, VU, NBU, BKU, KNU, CBPBU, UGB, SKBU, Autonomous Colleges and all Indian Universities. Authored by Dr. Rajesh Mukherjee, this book may also be helpful for PG courses in some Universities.

The book consists of 8 chapters which are explained in detail using a simple and user-friendly classroom lecture style. Graphical representations, line diagrams and numerous examples along with detailed theoretical analysis have been incorporated into the chapters. The dynamics of quantum mechanical systems, applications of quantum mechanics, solutions for the Schrodinger equation for linear harmonic oscillator and Hydrogen atom etc. are explained in this book. Each lesson has been stuffed with an Exercise section which includes SAQs, LAQs and MCQs (with answers). The Appendix section includes brief explanations of Vector Space and Matrices, Dirac Delta Function, Legendre Differential Equation, Beta Function and Gamma Function, Fourier Transforms and Laplace Transform. Several University Question Papers (Solved) and Index have been attached at the end of the book.

ISBN No :-978-93-92426-23-0

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