Fundamental Mathematics Particle Dynamics (Sem- V)

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Author: Dr. Biswajit Pal  Prof. Subrata Raychaudhuri, Dr.Soovoojeet Jana,

No of Pages: 304

Fundamental Mathematics - Particle Dynamics has been designed for the B.Sc General Course Mathematics students opting for 'Particle Dynamics' as a DSE subject in Semester V (GE - 5) of Calcutta University. The book has been prepared with the utmost care, keeping in mind the UG-CBCS syllabus of UGC and all Indian Universities. With a total of 10 chapters, divided into several subparts, the book comprises lucid descriptions of the topics like Motion in a Straight Line, Simple Harmonic Motion; Work, Power and Energy; Impulse and Impulsive Forces; Two Dimensional Motion (Cartesian and Polar  Coordinates); Central Orbit; Planetary Motion; Motion in a Resisting Medium etc. Each chapter has been provided with Illustrative examples, MCQs and SAQs with answers and LAQs. The approach of the book has been such as to promote better understanding and conceptual learning among the students.

ISBN No: 978-93-92426-05-6

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