Fundamental Mathematics (NEP)-SEM 1 [CU& Others ]

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Author:  Dr. Biswajit.Pal (Author), Prof. Subrata . Raychaudhuri (Author), Dr. .Jana (Author), 


Title: Fundamental Mathematics – Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Geometry, Vector Analysis, Graphical Demonstration

Published for B.Sc. Major/Minor Sem-I [NEP 2020 & CCF 2022]

 ‘Fundamental Mathematics – Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Geometry, Vector Analysis, Graphical Demonstration’ has been specially designed to suit the needs of the UG - B.Sc. Major/Minor Semester-I Mathematics Honours students, strictly following the newly introduced CCF (Curriculum and Credit Framework) 2022 under NEP 2020. The book covers the syllabi of All Indian Universities including several universities from West Bengal namely CU, BU, BKU, CBPBU and Autonomous Colleges. This book comprises of three units: Unit-I Differential Calculus & Integral Calculus, Unit-II Geometry of 2D and 3D, Unit-III Vector Analysis including Vector Valued Functions. The book follows a lucid approach all through and includes explanations and significant number of illustrations and Worked-out examples. Hyperbolic functions, reflection properties of conics have been presented with origin, graph and formula. Numerous diligently prepared and chapter-wise segregated MCQs have been given to enable students evaluate their understanding of concepts. All essential formulae are given at the beginning of the book to benefit students with a quick scan before the examination. Students can find several University question papers attached at the end of the book. The book has an all-inclusive approach. It offers a comprehensive guide to acquire a grip over the B.Sc. Major/Minor syllabus.

ISBN No: 978-93-92426-70-4

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