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Author:  Dr.Ardhendu Sekhar Nandi, Dr.Trilochan Midya, Dr. Dulal Chandra Santra

No of Pages:1240

ESSENTIAL BIOLOGY, class 12 is an authentic English version textbook from the Santra Publication based on the class twelve core syllabus of Biological science based on the syllabi of class xii &All India Medical Entrance Examinations.

Student –friendly salient features of a modified chapter of ESSENTIAL BIOLOGY, class 12:

  • Chapter Content–Each chapter of ESSENTIAL BIOLOGY, 12 has been enriched with research based data supplied by eminent authors. Different topics like, Transgenic Organisms &Human Insulin, ADA& Gene Therapy, DNA Packaging in Nucleosome, DNA POL III Holoenzymestructure, Trombone model of Replication, mode of inheritance of Beta Thalassemia etc. have been specially enriched. The content as a whole has been designed to support learners aiming for class 12 boards &All India Medical Entrance Examinations like NEET conducted throughout India.
  • Infopedia fact finder, summary & Important Terminologies –Infopedia  showcases extra pieces of relevant knowledge for advanced learners.Fact finder highlights important relevant facts. Summary of the chapter section summarises all the important topics discussed within the chapter. Important Terminologies addresses important or complex terminologies used within the chapter.
  • Scientific illustrations- Bounty of colourful scientific illustrations& diagrams drawn by artists have been added in each chapter to enable students understand and remember concepts better.

Exercise Segment - The exercise segment of each chapter has been rigorously modified to make it student-friendly, with segments like NEET CORNER ,ISC & CBSE corner, HOTS & Value Based Type questions, solved NCERT Questions & NCERT Exemplar Problems corner, apart from other board examinations and different other varieties of questions.The NEET Corner contains solved questions of previous years’ NEET examination for the NEET aspirants.Solved NCERT Questions& NCERT Exemplar Problems corner has been added for the medical entrance examinee. HOTS–Higher Order Thinking Skills Type and Value based questions have been added in the Exercise segment to boost the conceptual and analytical thinking skills of the students aiming higher in life

Written In An Easy, Lucid And Colloquial Language.

ISBN No: 978-93-92426-27-8

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