Dynamic Cost Accounting-I (NEP SEM-2)

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Author: Dr. Anutam Paul, Dr Avijit Sikdar, Dr. Monojit Dutta

No of Pages: 368

Title: Dynamic Cost Accounting-I
Published mainly for students of B. Com. Major/MDC (Semester-II); can assist for CA, CS, CMA and other Professional Exams.
‘Dynamic Cost Accounting-I’ follows the newly introduced CCF (Curriculum and Credit Framework) 2022 pattern under NEP (National Education Policy) 2020. This book is mainly for the B. Com. Major/MDC Semester-II students of CU, St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata (Sem III), other Autonomous Colleges and All West Bengal Universities. Authors Dr.Anutam Paul, Dr.AvijitSikdar and Dr.Monojit Dutta have penned ‘Dynamic Cost Accounting-I’ keeping the ease of students’ understanding in mind. Comprising 5 chapters, the book covers in detail the Introduction to Cost Accounting, and detailed explanation of Material Cost, Employee Cost, Overhead Accounting, Cost Sheet or Statement of Cost and Profit.
This book has attempted to focus on the logic and fundamentals of the subject with the aim to generate interest among students and implement knowledge-based learning. The fundamental principles of cost accounting have been explained thoroughly. Illustrative examples and exercises have been added in plenty. Formulas have been presented in a logical manner. University question papers along with solutions have been added at the end of the book. This book has been developed in a manner that will not only guide B. Com students but will also be of considerable aid to aspirants of CA, CS, CMA and other Professional Exams.

ISBN No: 978-93-92426-87-2

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