Clinical Biochemistry & Pharmaceutical Chemistry(Hons-Semester- 3 & 4)

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Author: Dr. Santarupa Thakurta (Bose)

No of Pages: 448

Clinical Biochemistry & Pharmaceutical Chemistry is a complete textbook prepared for the UG-CBCS B.Sc Chemistry Honours Sem III / IV students of SEC (Skill Enhancement Course) curriculum. The book will be useful for students of CU, WBSU, KU, BU, VU, NBU, KNU, CBPBU, Bankura University, UGB (Sem-VI), Autonomous Colleges and all Indian Universities. Authored by Dr. Santarupa Thakurta (Bose), this book consists of two parts which are further elaborated into 10 chapters. Analytical Clinical Biochemistry (Part I) discusses the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level for Carbohydrates, Proteins, Enzymes, Lipids and Lipoproteins, Nucleic Acids, Blood and Urine Analysis. Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Part II) discusses the complex process of development of therapeutic agents suitable to cure diseases. This section ranges from Drug Discovery, Design and Development to Synthesis, Structure, Action and Uses of Representative Drugs and also the process of Fermentation. The book has been filled with detailed explanations of critical concepts, illustrations of complex organic reactions and some Questions and Answers in every chapter.


ISBN No978-93-92426-08-7

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