Bhugol O Poribesh Porichya-10

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Author:  Dr. Asitendu Roy Chowdhury, Sankar Hazra

No of Pages: 160

Title: ভূগোল ও পরিবেশ পরিচয়
Published for students of class 10, Madhyamik aspirants (WBBSE)

‘ভূগোল ও পরিবেশ পরিচয়– 10’ is a Bengali version textbook prepared for the class 10 students under WBBSE. The book has been prepared strictly following the curriculum prescribed by the Board. Comprising 3 groups and a total of 6 chapters, every topic in this book has been prepared in a detailed and thorough manner. Each lesson, namely, Exogenetic Processes and Resultant Landforms, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Waste Management, India, Satellite Imagery and Topographical Map – all have been stuffed with definitions, illustrations, activities, infopedia and exercises. There are diagrams, comparisons in tabular form, maps and graphs in plenty. Special care has been taken for the lesson ‘India’. This book will be of immense help to all the students who will appear for their Madhyamik examination.

    Written In An Easy, Lucid And Colloquial Language.

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