Snatak Darshan Porichya

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Author:  Raspoti Mandal

No of Pages: 400

Snatak Darshan Parichay Vol1 : Bharatiya Darshan(স্নাতক দর্শন পরিচয়) is an authentic  Bengali version book for Philosophy Hons. B.A. students of CBCS semester based course of C.U and other universities like BU, WBSU, KU, VU, SKBU, KNU, BKU, CBPBU, GBU, NBU, Sanskrit college & University.The book Snatak Darshan Parichay Vol1 :Bharatiya Darshan (স্নাতক দর্শন পরিচয়) has an unique presentation style that makes it student-friendly.Point-wise presentation has been maintained and Flow Charts have been added for easy learning and understanding .The book Snatak Darshan Parichay Vol1 :Bharatiya Darshan  offers real life examples for the students to understand concepts  better. Difficult topics like ‘Paramanubad’,’Samanyo’ in Baisheshik Darshan  have been presented in optimum detail.Original slokas have been added to give students a feel of the original authentic book from where these slokas have been taken.Hordes of MCQs apart from other questions have been added to help students  checklist their concepts and practise for different  exams. The book Snatak Darshan Parichay Vol1 :Bharatiya Darshan (স্নাতক দর্শন পরিচয় )is meant to benefit the students of B.A. Philosophy Hons.course of different Universities.

ISBN No: 978-93-92426-11-7

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