Plant Taxonomy & Biodiversity

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Author: Prof. Dr. N.D. Paria

No of Pages:576

Plant Taxonomy & Biodiversity is a new addition to our range of books that highlights the structure of Advanced Studies in enriched form written by Prof. Dr. N.D.Paria. This book covers the the various topics of the title including the course-contents of the CBCS - UG and PG-level studies.

Plant Taxonomy & Biodiversity contains:

  • Principles of Taxonomy
  • International Codes of Nomenclature
  • Classifications including APG
  • Taxonomic Data Sources
  • Systematics of Plant Families
  • Related topics of Phytogeography & Ecology
  • Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Some current topics
  • Glossary of terms, Author Abbreviations, Specific Latin Epithets

 Plant Taxonomy & Biodiversity is a dynamic and multidisciplinary field of Plant Science. The approach of this book is the first of its kind by the author and is likely to be of immense help to the readers who opt to learn about it. Taxonomy as a branch of science has wide acceptability nowadays in many academic spheres. This book has been prepared, keeping in mind, the same requirements, particularly of students. The book offers an integrated and comprehensive approach to Taxonomy.

ISBN No:-978-93-92426-00-1

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