Mathematical Logic and Set Theory (Sem III-VI)

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Author: Dr.Debjani Chakraborti,Dr.Nilangshu Acharya, Dr. Samir Kumar Bhandari

No of Pages:288

‘Mathematical Logic and Set Theory’ is a Mathematics textbook that confirms to the latest syllabus in ‘Logic and Sets’. Authored by Dr. DebjaniChakraborti, Dr. Nilangshu Acharya and Dr. Samir Kumar Bhandari, this book is prepared keeping in mind the UGC prescribed UG-CBCS B.Sc. (Hons/Gen) curriculum for Skill Enhancement Course (SEC). Students enrolled under CU, WBSU, KU, BU, VU, NBU, CBPBU, SKBU, UGB, KNU, Autonomous Colleges and All Indian Universities can benefit from this book which follows a simple approach and lucid language for explaining the topics. The book has 5 units namely Introduction to Mathematical Logic, Propositional Logic, Predicate Calculus, Set Theory and Relation. Each of the units has been treated with utmost detail, making use of tables, diagrams, flow charts, self-explanatory theories and various illustrations in each step. At the end of each chapter Illustrative Examples, ample MCQs and Exercise along with Answers will prove extremely beneficial for the students. Everything has been dealt with keeping in mind the latest CBCS examination pattern. University Questions from several University and different semesters have been incorporated at the end of the book.

ISBN No:978-93-92426-09-4

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