Tather Adhare Oitihasik Bhasa Bigyan O Chando Alankar-SEM-II

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Author:Dr.Bidisa Sinha, Rachana Roy

No of Pages:216

‘তথ্যের আধারে ঐতিহাসিক ভাষাবিজ্ঞান ও ছন্দ অলংকার’ [B.A. General Course Bengali (CC/GE)] is designed for the CU Semester- II B.A. General Course students. Precisely, it will serve the UG- Discipline Centric Core Course (CC) and General Elective (GE) students [BNGGCC-2]. The book has been formed keeping in mind the UGC-prescribed CBCS syllabus. Here the philology (ভাষাবিজ্ঞান)of the Bengali language, the several rhetoric/ figures of speech (অলঙ্করণ)and prosody (ছন্দ)of literary pieces have been thoroughly discussed. Each chapter has detailed explanations along with solved MCQs, SAQs, DAQs and questions based on understanding. The rhetoric and prosody chapters have innumerable definitions and examples that would impart clear ideas and help students decode the rhyme, meter, ornamentation etc of the given pieces. This book will greatly help the Sem-II students.

ISBN No:978-93-86911-49-0

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