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Author:  Dr.Kunal Sen (Author), Dr.Trilochan Midya (Author), Dr.Dulal Chandra Santra (Author)

No of Pages: 1032

Ucchatara Jibbidya(উচ্চতর জীববিদ্যা) for class 12 is based on the class XII curriculum of West Bengal (WBCHSE)board, All India 10+2 core syllabus and All India Medical Entrance syllabus. This Bengali version class XII authentic  Biology text book strives to present complex topics like Biotechnology, Genetics, Population Biology, Molecular biology included in the curriculum in a student-friendly way with vivid scientific diagrams,real life illustrations & flow charts to understand complex pathways for NEET aspirants. The chapters have been restructured  with special emphasis on topics like epistasis, Bombay Phenotype,pleiotropy, polygenic inheritance,kinetochore, chromosome compaction,sex determination,sex linked inheritance,Mendelian disorders in man, structural & functional analysis of DNA pol III holoenzyme, Haemoglobin and myoglobin apart from scientific illustrations to understand role of antibiotics and various immunological barriers. Each exercise of Ucchatara Jibvidya has been enriched with not only solved  West Bengal Board Higher Secondary Examination questions but also questions from NCERT, ISC, CBSE board apart from NEET and other competitive Medical entrance tests conducted pan india.

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