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Author:  Dr.Kunal Sen (Author), Dr.Trilochan Midya (Author), Dr.Dulal Chandra Santra (Author)

No of Pages: 1314

Ucchatara Jibbidya (উচ্চতর জীববিদ্যা) for class 11 is a Bengali version authentic biology textbook chiefly based on the class XI annual examination for Biological Science curriculum as prescribed by  the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE),  All India(10+2) core syllabus and all India syllabus for Medical entrance for biological science as well. Ucchatara Jibbidya for class 11 has been re-structured with special emphasis on  topics like lytic and lysogenic cycle of phage virus, chemical constituents of living cells,TCA cycle,ETS,C3 & C4 pathways, generation and conduction of nerve impulse in Humans,etc. to enable students understand concepts better. Vivid scientific illustrations and diagrams in topics like  leaf morphology, phyllotaxy,inflorescence and chapters on  plant and human physiology , apart from  self-explanatory charts to explain floral formula, taxonomic descriptions  etc.  have been done to facilitate  students do well in NEET.Extra relevant information has been encapsulated within the text for those interested in advanced learning for competitive examinations. Exercises in Ucchatara Jibbidya for class 11, have been enriched with solved questions from various  boards  & competitive exams to assist students perform well in the medical entrance tests  conducted pan India.

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