Ucchamadhyamik Jibvidya -11 (SEM-1)

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Author:Dr Dulal Chandra Santra

No of Pages :-280

Title :Uchchamadhyamik Jibbidya (উচ্চমাধ্যমিক জীববিদ্যা)
Published for students of Class 11 (Semester 1) under WBCHSE

উচ্চমাধ্যমিক জীববিদ্যা (Uchchamadhyamik Jibbidya) is the latest Biology textbook in Bengali version for the students of Class 11 under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Under the New Curriculum & Syllabus 2024, Class 11 examination will be conducted in two parts – Semester 1 and Semester 2. This book is prepared to cater the Sem 1 students only.
The book comprises of 3 units segregated into 10 chapters in total. The Units are Diversity of Living Organism (Unit I); Structural Organizations in Plants and Animals (Unit II) and Cell Structure and Functions (Unit III) respectively. Along with the existing topics, new topics have been added in somechapters namely Tools for Study of Biodiversity, Name of Herbarium in Bengal, Prions, Angiospermic Families etc. Diagrams, flow charts and tables have been added in plenty to make explanations comprehendible. Semester 1 being completely MCQ based, variety of multiple-choice questions have been added in the Exercise portion of the chapters. They are divided into two segments:
• MCQ Type I – This section has purely general or basic MCQs for each topic; with solutions.
• MCQ Type II – This section includes the Council prescribed MCQs of 7 types [Fill in the blanks, Column Matching, Assertion-Reasoning Type, Diagram Based, Rearrangement of Sequence, True and False, Case Based) with solutions.
Mock Test sets following the Latest Question Pattern have been incorporated at the end of the book.

ISBN No : 9789392426728

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