Ucchamadhyamik Jibbidya Class 11

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Author: Dr. Dulal Chandra Santra

No of Pages: 560

The new edition of Ucchamadhyamik Jibbidya 11 (Bengali Version) is based on the class 11  Biological Science  syllabus of West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Examination.The book aims to enable students attempt  successfully new pattern questions  coming in the class xi  examination.The chapters  of Ucchamadhyamik Jibbidya 11  have been redesigned ,keeping in mind the  recent class 11 board examination  question pattern trends.The topics like Digestive and Circulatory system in cockroach,structure and importance of water ,symplastic and apoplastic loading,biochemical pathways of Photosynthesis and Respiration  have been  given in optimum detail.The chapters on Plant and Animal Physiology have been thoroughly edited and fortified with brand new data for the benefit of the students.Solutions to 1 mark & 2 marks questions of both previous years’  examination and suggested questions have been provided in the revised edition of Ucchamadhyamik Jibbidya 11

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