Snatak Rasayan - Bsc(Sem-I)

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Author:  Dr Subhra Mishra (Author), Dr Gopal Chandra Giri (Author), Dr Sadhan Kumar Roy (Author) and Dr. Jnanojjal Chanda

No of Pages: 480

Title: Snatak Rasayan
Published for B.Sc. General Course, Semester-I students, CBCS Chemistry
Snatak Rasayan’ [CBCS Chemistry] is a textbook designed for the B.Sc. Semester – I Chemistry students within the CBCS – UG curriculum under CU, WBSU, KU, BU, KNU, VU, CBPBU, BKU, NBU, and SKBU respectively. 13 chapters have been segregated into three categories namely Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.
i. Inorganic Chemistry covers atomic structure, chemical bonding, periodic table, acids and bases, redox reactions.
ii. Organic Chemistry covers its fundamentals, concept of stereochemistry, nucleophilic substitution, elimination reaction, aliphatic hydrocarbons.
iii. Physical Chemistry discusses the kinetic theory of gases, ideal gas and real gas, chemical kinetics, liquid state of matter.
The new IUPAC nomenclatures have been followed for the different classes of periodic table and those of organic compounds. Solved numerical problems, incorporated with questions from several universities, and few question answers have been added. Students will find ‘Snatak Rasayan’ extremely useful.

Written According To The New Cbcs Syllabus Of Ugc 2017 Onwards And All Universities Of West Bengal.

ISBN No: 978-93-86911-22-3

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