Bhugol O Poribesh Porichya Class 10

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Author: Dr. Asitendu Roy Chowdhury, Sankar Hazra

No of Pages: 162

Bhugol O Paribesh Parichay (ভূগোল ও পরিবেশ পরিচয়) , class10 is an authentic Bengali version text book  from the Santra Publication’s  Textbook series, based on the class ten syllabus  of Geography and Environment as prescribed by the Madhya Shiksha Parshad or the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (WBBSE).

A peek into the inside of Bhugol O Paribesh Parichay (ভূগোল ও পরিবেশ পরিচয়), class 10:

  • Tools to represent important data – Tables, charts, maps,etc. have been used to present important Geographical data, so that students are able to understand and easily retain information for the examinations. In the chapter on India, two new Union Territories –Ladakh and Jammu & Kashmir have been added in the political map of India as per the August, 2019 notification. The data on Agriculture and Transport have been updated as per the 2018-2019 databases available on Govt of India websites.
  • The chapters within the Regional Geography unit have been supported with colourful maps for conceptual understanding. The Physical Geography chapters have been updated with latest authentic data.
  • Concept presentation in chapters – Each chapter has been enriched with latest data, intricate technical diagrams and illustrative graphics to make students understand the concepts.
  • Activity oriented segments like Anusandhan Koro (Find out), Nije koro (Do It yourself) have been added to create interest on a particular topic among the students. Apart from this, knowledge has been presented in capsule form in segments like Jene Rakho (Know It), Bishesh Kotha (Special notes) to promote learning.

Written In An Easy, Lucid And Colloquial Language.

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