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Author: Dr Jayanta Kumar Sikdar (Author), Dr Kunal Sen (Author), Dr Pranab Giri

No of Pages: 552

Published for B.Sc. General Course, Semester-I students, CBCS Botany
SNATAK UDVIDBIDYA’ [CBCS Botany] is a Bengali version textbook designed for the UG-B.Sc. (Botany) General Course Semester –I students, enrolled under the CBCS curriculum of CU, WBSU, KU, BU, CBPBU, VU, CBPBU, SKBU, NBU, KNU, UGB, Bankura and Tripura Universities. This book comprises of 9 units, namely Microbiology, Algae, Fungi, Archegoniate, Bryophyta, Pteridophyta, Gymnosperm, Phytopathology, Plant Anatomy. Each unit is a detailed chapter which contains elaborate discussions using explanations, tables, charts and diagrams. The lucid approach and accompanying illustrations will be immensely helpful for all. Finishing each chapter, the students can find MCQs and SAQs with solutions and DAQs for practice. The book has been enriched with University question papers at the end.


ISBN No: 978-93-86911-18-6

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